Healing with Colors and Gems

Gemstones represent the vitality of the mineral kingdom. Gemstones are believed to store cosmic energy that is radiated from other planets and the cosmos to Earth. They are, in a sense, a link between Earth and other heavenly bodies. Gems can harness certain energies in Ayurveda or Vedic Astrology that have the ability to improve the quality of one’s entire life, How to spot fake Moldavite!

The seven visible colors of white light are divided into seven different rays (as shown in the rainbow), and two invisible rays, the infrared or ultraviolet. The proper balance between these rays is an integral part of Ayurveda’s approach to physical and psychological health. Disease can develop when there are insufficient cosmic rays.

The cosmic rays can be stored in natural gemstones in large quantities and are not affected by years of gem therapy. The color that we perceive a gemstone to have isn’t necessarily what it emits. The actual cosmic color can be revealed by simply looking through a prism at a gemstone. Although ruby is actually reddish-emerald, diamond emits an indigo and blue sapphire colors, while pearl and pearl have an orange and violet hues, and other gems can transmit these colors to the naked eye. Gems can be used to heal the body by releasing concentrated colors.

Vedic Astrology and Ayurveda both speak about the use of specific gems to amplify cosmic rays. Gems properly prescribed and used can have a dynamic impact on your physical, emotional and mental health. There are nine gems that can transmit specific wavelengths of light, both visible and invisible. Ayurveda has been describing these gems for many years as their healing properties. These gems transmit the universe’s colors and offer many benefits for improving or maintaining your health.

The powerful sun energy of Ruby, which transmits red colour, is stimulating and warming. It also stimulates blood circulation and strengthens the body’s ability to flow energy.
The gentle lunar force that cools and lubricates the skin through pearl (which emits an orange colour) is transmitted by this color. It is able to counter dryness and strengthen the respiratory system.
Red Coral transmits yellow colour and a strengthening and heating force to blood, muscles, and bones. Red Coral is also believed to be capable of strengthening male sexual energy, and can therefore be used to treat impotence.
The cool energy of Emerald, which transmits its green color, is said to relieve pain and reduce tremors. This energy promotes the healing of cuts and wounds, as well as other skin conditions such eczema.
The yellow sapphire, which transmits a blue colour, is a great natural supplement to your body’s tissues and can help you live longer and more vitally. This stone is great for general tonics that strengthen the body, and it has had remarkable results with the elderly.
The body and mind are energized by the indigo-colored diamond (transmits it). This will improve lung function. It can also be used to treat female sexual issues, such as infertility or lack of desire.
The body is cooled, cleansed and detoxified by blue sapphire. The incredible calming effect it has can put people to sleep and then wake them up with renewed energy after just 20 minutes.
The ultraviolet-transmitting Hessonite garnet strengthens and detoxifies the nervous system and the endocrine systems.
The infrared transmitter Chrysoberyl cat’s-eye increases body heat and eliminates toxins.

Gems can be most efficiently used in “gemtherapy” lamps that are specially designed. The most sophisticated uses also use an electronic medical device, which imposes additional vibrations upon light passing through gemstones and beams it on the body.

These lamps and instruments are used by top resort spas to increase the elasticity and calm down. These spa treatments can be used with facials, massages, and other spa services. One such Balaji Gem Instruments instrument, the “Navaratna Gem Lamps”, attracted large crowds to a Resort and Medical Spa Exhibition. They were offering complementary treatments to spa owners and guests to demonstrate how efficient this therapy was.

An influential European spa magazine publisher declared that this type of gem therapy was the “medicine of the future”. We believe that this comment may be prophetic.

This amazing healing method is sure to be a part of global medicine and healing, just as Ayurvedic healing has been embraced by many other health professionals.

Howard Beckman, also known as “Hamsavatar”, has been a Vedic Astrologer/Planetary Gemologist full-time for more than 35 years. He is well-known for his ability to see the heart of people’s lives, predict future events, and recommend the best course of action. As well as being a founder member of The Planetary Gemologist Association, he is also a tutor for the American Counsel Vedic Astrology. Because he counts so many practicing astrologers in his clientele, he is known as the “Astrologer’s Astrologer”.

His special skills in recommending remedies, such as gems, mantras, and yantras, to increase and strengthen the appropriate energies. This will enhance and improve one’s life as well as counteract any negative influences. He also helps to reduce difficulties that might be ahead. His books include “An Intro to Vedic Astrology”, Mantras, Yantras & Fabulous Gems”, and “Vibrational healing with Gems”. He also teaches the only course in Jyotish Gem therapy. With his wife Jennifer Yogamaya Beckman, he also wrote the Ayurvedic gem therapy correspondence course.

Balaji GL108 Navaratna gem lamp, which holds gemstones inside it, was developed by Howard. It also includes an electronic medical device that imposes specific frequencies to heal on every level with almost no side effects. Howard serves as the Director of The Vedic Cultural Fellowship in New Mexico and New Rishikesh Ashram, USA. He is a regular speaker at workshops, lectures and retreats around the world, in addition to his practice and teaching. He presents “The Three Sister Sciences” a seminar with Yogamaya that explores the connections between stars and subtle anatomy, and how they affect our spiritual, physical and emotional health.