Microsoft Great Plains Dynamics GP Texas – ERP Installation Notes

Microsoft Dynamics GP can be viewed as a flexible MRP system thinktribe, which is ready to be modified for mid-sized company business processes. Microsoft Dynamics GP offers a wide range of modules. These include modules supported by Microsoft and third-party modules supported and developed Microsoft ISV partners. This article will not cover third-party modules. Instead, we will focus on customization technologies – where products that are already on the market or out of the package need to be customized. We will also attempt to describe some typical Texas industry cases.

Oil & Gas. Houston and the Gulf of Mexico in particular. A high level of production fixed assets is one of the main features of this business. For example, offshore platforms, drills and wellheads can be used 24/7, and require maintenance that is costly. Custom extensions for the Fixed Assets Module are required in Dynamics GP. Logistics: You must comply with high safety and regulatory standards. Capacity Recourse Planning should be considered, however, it is not “classical”, manufacturing so you are more likely to not require Manufacturing and standard CRP Modules themselves.

Dallas Startups. When talking about new business, or startups, the business model of these businesses is unique (because they are really innovative), and standard MRP doesn’t suit their operations. ERP functionality is also beyond financial modules such as GL. AR. AP. Microsoft Dynamics GP is sometimes considered the core or backend of a CRM, eCommerce system or another type of Business Management System. In this case, we are referring to integration. In other cases, standard GP features may be customized to automate specific startup business processes.

Sea Shipping. Often, the legacy systems used by businesses in Logistics & Warehouse Management, Cargo Tracking, have been in place for many years. They are often UNIX-based: IBM DBII Oracle Sybase. This would be a good GP integration situation – this is typically eConnect or SQL Cross-platform or heterogeneous Distributed Queries routines. ReportWriter, Crystal Report, or MS SQL Server Reporting Services can be used for special reporting needs such as Bill of Lading.

o Customization Technologies. Microsoft Dexterity is a fundamental tool that requires GP knowledge, and may require several years in GP software development. SQL Stored Pros will need some familiarity of Microsoft Dexterity.