The Gold Bull Run: It’s a Beautiful Opportunity for IRA and 401k Holders as Well As Retirees

While it was a typical day, this one was different.

It will be exactly the same feeling as it is watching the next sequence events that set off an irreversible drop in US and global equity markets. Many will also feel a sense of deja vu.

Receipts can come and go but wisdom will last forever. As the US enters the longest expansion cycle in its history, the wise plan for the next recession top gold IRA custodians.

It is a common saying that “What goes up must come down” and this holds true for the stock market. Stocks being one of the most expensive financial instruments available, billionaire hedge funds managers Jeffrey Gundlach or Stephen Kaplan make bold predictions such as the price of gold reaching $5,000 an ounce within 10 year.

The mainstream media will not tell you to purchase gold and silver or to just take profits in your investment accounts when fundamental weakness begins to manifest.

However, you shouldn’t expect CNN Money or MSNBC to manage your retirement.

At the very least, you should not think of your greatest benefit as a goal.

This is exactly where we are right now. Federal government, pundits, Federal Reserve, big banksers, and even the President, who once called stock market “a big ugly balloon” and unemployment “fake”, all claim that the economy is stronger than ever and that there is no recession.

While more than 60% of CEOs globally predict a recession by 2020, Fed Chairman Jerome Powell promises to do “whatever it takes to keep this train on track.” The further reduction in interest rates is only one thing.

Low interest rates are an indicator of a weak economy. An economy cannot sustain itself under its own debt. The US Dollar and US stock markets, however, are just systems of debt. Uncle Sam enabled corporations to borrow money at very low rates, incur huge amounts of debt and buy stock shares to inflate and prop up their prices.

Remember that the CEO and board members of major corporations get paid largely according to how well their stock performs. This is why executives often receive large bonuses, even when times are tough for people like us and the ever-dwindling middle classes.

We now have personal and federal debts that are. Add in the severe slowing of factory orders, the underwhelming job numbers and record number retail closures and you can see that the real economic situation is not as good as they’d lead you to believe.

You need to take control of your future now, so act fast. You’ll have wasted valuable time once the gold bull market reopens and stocks start their decline because there are no fundamentals in the real world to support high prices.