Are You Sure of Your Energy Balance?

Your success in life depends on a balance of masculine/feminine energy. It can lead to a life that is too rigid or too feminine, which can either cause havoc or create chaos in your life. Visit Ayahuasca Healings before reading this.

Masculine power is…

Rational Thought. It says, “NO”.

Feminine power is…

Creative, Inspired. Raw Power. Cool, Dark. Movement, Change. Flexibility. Chaos. Intuition. Permitting. Dynamic. It says “YES”.

Take, for example, your inspiration (feminine energy), and channel it systematically with a logical plan. This will make your project a success. The end result is a fabulous project. It is possible to achieve a completely different result if you lose the balance.

Here are some ways your energy can be out of control.

Too Much Feminine energy

Fuzzy thinking refers to a lack of focus. You can’t concentrate, don’t know how to start things, then you get distracted and lose track of time. Are you tired of having unfinished projects cluttering up your home and office?
When you have so many things going on simultaneously, you can’t concentrate.
You might say yes, but later regret.
It’s difficult for you to make the right decisions. You may fret over them for weeks, months or even days.
You can lose things, forget what you have done, and are disorganized. Sometimes you are unable to remember what was said in a meeting yesterday, or last week.
Your life is chaotic. There’s no structure to your days.

Too Much Masculine Food

It can be difficult to accept risks, even if it’s the right thing. This leads to missed opportunities. You have ever regretted saying no when you later discovered that the idea was a good one.
You like to have everything organized down to the final detail. You can get very stressed if you have no plans or need to make changes in a short time.
It’s often hard to notice when circumstances change and that you need adapt.
Others might accuse or label you as rigid, inflexible, or a rigid follower of rules.
You need to know the rules and what’s expected. You are not able to stand things that seem chaotic or made up by others.
You may try to make some changes in your daily life but you find that things are back to the way they are.

Signs Your Energy Levels Are Low

It’s impossible to manifest things or money.
Others are not listening to you or will ignore your concerns. You lack power, authority, and presence.
At the end you are exhausted, have been very busy, and have little or no to show.
You can attract a lot attention, but often it’s from people you don’t want to be around. They repel you but you can’t get them away.
Your personal relationships are not working or nonexistent.
You want to grab the attention and support of people who are able to help. If they do not, it’s clear that you have no connection with them.
You may be very spiritual, but you find it difficult to manifest your spiritual insights in physical reality. You possess great spiritual wisdom, but nobody will listen.