Paint like a Master!

It has never been easier or cheaper to learn how to paint by Video technology allows you to study from the very best teachers in the world. Most of the top artists are either too busy or too far to travel, and even expensive. Video painting lessons have changed everything. Since not all courses are created equal, we have listed 9 ways to choose the most suitable ones.

1. Select Video. A painting course must be presented in video. Not just a few short clips to add to a book, but if you want to learn the whole process, ideally filmed from start to finish. It is best to learn this intensively visual task by watching an expert perform it.

2. It is important to have a high production value. The video should be very well thought out and include many clear, close-up shots. This will ensure that the demonstrations are not confused.

3. A comprehensive Learn and Master Painting course guides a novice through the process of setting up their studio and acquiring all necessary equipment. Beginners are left scrambling to find the most basic of information in too many courses. The dvd could also allow advanced painters to jump around and only view the lessons that they are most interested in.

4. It is important that the instructor be an accomplished, well-educated and experienced artist. The instructor must also have the ability to teach students at all levels. Many gifted artists cannot tell where the beginner is coming from, and they become frustrated and discouraged.

5. A complete course in painting theory should teach you more than just how to copy the instructor. You will not learn just to paint one painting, or one style. The painting course you take should teach you how to understand perspective, make an object appear three-dimensional, and why certain colors are the way that they are.

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