Buy Reviews: Is this an Ethical Business Practice for a Buyer?

The moment you say “Ethical”, i’m ready to give a sermon on morality or religion. Not the intention of this piece. If you would like, I can provide you a sliding morality and ethics scale. It is up to you which end of this scale you find most acceptable. My belief is that there are three main factors that affect the ethics of a person: Risk, Reward, and Motivation. You can see Previewstars for more information.

* Risk = likelihood of punishment

* Size of prize = reward

* Motivation = An emotional response to positive or adverse circumstances.

Asking most people to eat out of the trash can is a no-no. If you are hungry, but your choices for better food diminish, then your willingness to participate in dumpster eating will also increase.

Reviewing is important, but what does it do for me personally? I think there are 4 primary benefits of reviews.

1. Ego boost to business owners. “They love me!,” They are really fond of me!”

2. To search engines, signals social engagement . This can affect ranking in a very small way.

3. A visible indicator which makes your company listing standout. Google Listings: The five yellow stars are displayed after receiving 5 reviews. They make your map listing more prominent and increase the chances of getting clicks and phone calls.

4. Affirmations positives for your new prospective customers to let them know that they have been satisfied with the services you offer.

It is obvious that the fourth one is most relevant. 60% of all online shoppers check reviews before buying. Link at bottom.

This is something that most business owners already understand. The reviews are what business owners desire. The confusion I saw about the placement of reviews, their value and importance was quite confusing. Value is determined by the trustworthiness of potential customers as well as search engine results. You can see where many reviews go and how much value they are worth.

* Site: Writen Review – The search engines do not consider this type of review and it has very little value to customers. This is because you are in control of your website, you can say whatever you like and no one will question whether you’re telling the truth.

* Your Company’s Website : Video Reviews – People will be more likely to buy from you if they see a video of a real customer and not an imaginary creation. Although they don’t yet know whether this is an actual customer of yours who has owed you a favor or simply a trusted friend, the review looks much more authentic. Most of the time, these reviews will be perfect for your product page or a page about a certain service.

This is a good way to get more attention from potential customers. They know they can’t remove a bad review, and that fake reviews are difficult.

* Yilp. These tend to have more credibility than Google reviews, because the reviews are much harder to fake. You can also not delete any bad comments from this platform. Google has also given this review platform much credibility. Yelp’s loyal audience is why many use the platform instead of searching.

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